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A trip to Whitehorse

This page is the second installment of our trip through Canada's Yukon and Northwest Territories. Previously, we had spent several days on the Dempster Highway, going to Inuvik, as far north as the road will let us go.

Aurora Near Whitehorse

Gravel Lake

Grey Mountain Trail
Kluane Lake

This leg of the trip takes us to Whitehorse, on the Klondike Highway, then back to Alaska on the Alaska Highway.

As expected, there were lots of photo opportunities during the day as well as during the night when the Auroras decided to make their appearance.

Klondike Highway

Also known as Canada Highway 2, the Klondike is a paved Highway linking the Dempster Highway to Whitehorse. We enjoy a pleasant drive through the fall scenery.

In Alaska, the Klondike Highway is Alaska Route 98.

Gravel Lake

We make a quick stop to take pictures of the reflections at Gravel Lake along the Klondike Highway, Yukon, Canada.

Whitehorse, Yukon

Whitehorse is the capital of the Yukon Territory. Home to over 26,000 residents, the city is spread over a wide area along the banks of the Yukon river.

Whitehorse Sign

Whitehorse Visitor Center

Whitehorse Grey Mountain Trail

A 10 mile trail on the outskirts of Whitehorse takes you to the top of Grey Mountain.

Looking back towards town, you can still see Whitehorse from a distance.

The trail is narrow and steep with lots of sharp rocks in deep troughs, but nothing the 4Runner can't handle. Due to the terrible trail conditions, I expected to get at least one flat tire, but fortunately, I was wrong: the Michelin Cross Terrains held up very well.

Alaska Highway - Kluane Lake

Kluane Lake is located about 100 miles West of Whitehorse on the Alaska Highway, which runs along Kluane National Park. A quiet and sunny morning renders the surface of the water glassy, reflecting the landscape like a mirror.

Yukon Northern Lights

After enjoying the landscape from the window of the truck, we decide to stop and enjoy nature first hand by taking a hike along a beautiful lake. Time flies by really fast, and little do we know, the evening is already upon us.

As days turn into nights, the stars begin to fill the sky. Just as the sun dips below the horizon, the wind blows away the last few remaining clouds, cleaning the slate for what's to come next: we're hoping to see some Northern Lights, but unfortunately, they never came that night. The series of pictures below are from a few nights before.

Red, Yellow and Green

Pink at the peak of Aurora

The solar winds are strong enough to sustain the Aurora into a wide range of shapes and colors throughout the night: red, yellow, green, pink and dark purple. All Aurora pictures on this page are actually from the same event.

After the solar storm subsides, the Aurora spreads across the whole sky, morphing into a green neon cloud with subdued intensity: the Aurora has reached a lull phase. Sometimes, a substorm can jumpstart the Aurora, but tonight, it's the end of the show...

Alaska Highway

Driving North-West on the Alaska Highway towards the Alaska border.

Coming Back to Alaska


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