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Snowshoe Hare General Information

In the wild, Snowshoe Hares are found in Alaska and North America. The name "snowshoe" is inspired from its large hind feet.

At birth, baby Snowshoe Hares have brown fur which later turns white during the winter months.

Adult Snowshoe Hare in Summer

Baby Snowshoe Hare with Flowers

Snowshoe Hare in the Snow

  Common Name:
  Scientific Name:
  Snowshoe Hare
  Lepus americanus
  Alaska & North America
  15 to 20 inches (Adult)
  3 to 3.5 pounds (Adult)

Above: An adult Snowshoe Hare in the winter. The fur has turned white to blend into the snowy environment.

Young Snowshoe Hare Close-up

Baby Snowshoe Hare

Left and Below: Some close-up pictures of those tiny baby hares in late spring/early summer. At this stage, they are barely taller than the surrounding grass.

Snowshoe Hare in Flower Field

This cute baby Snowshoe Hare is eager to explore its surroundings. It climbed on top of a rock in the middle of a flower field to enjoy the sun and the view of the new world.

Ball of Fur
Baby Rabbit Enjoying the View

On this summer day, the morning was cold and rainy but later turned into a warm and sunny afternoon, just in time for the photo session.

Baby Snowshoe Hare Posing

Curious Baby Hare

Tiny Rabbit Ball

The warmth of the rock must have been very comfortable for the baby rabbit.

Showshoe Hare in the Snow

Pictures of an Alaska Snowshoe Hare with its white winter coat. The new color is an excellent camouflage to try to stay out of sight from predators such as the Lynx.

Snowshoe Hare in Winter
White Fur

Rabbit on the Look-out

Snowshoe Hare munching on a stick

White Snowshoe Hare

During the winter, a brown fur would make this rabbit an easy prey against the white snow.

Snowshoe Hare from Baby to Adult

Round Rabbit Ears

Close up pictures of a baby Snowshoe Hare in south central Alaska.

This tiny rabbit is trying to navigate through the vegetation. It's barely taller than the blades of grass. At this young age, it is roughly the size of an adult Pika and can fit in your hand. The baby bunny ears are still roundish but will eventually grow to approximately 3 inches long in adults.

A Cute Bunny Portrait

Tiny Bunny in the Grass

A Cute Bunny Portrait

Bunny Ears are Getting Longer...

The baby Snowshoe Hare is growing bigger every day. We can see the shape of the ears are now more elongated.

Bunny Enjoying the Sun

Bunny Ears Detail

Up Close with a Rabbit

Old enough to explore its surroundings and play on top of a rock.

Getting Bigger

Longer Ears

Adult Snowshoe Hare

Rabbit Ears

Photos of adult Snowshoe Hare in south central Alaska during the summer, with its brown fur.

Adult Female Snowshoe Hare

Rabbits in Alaska

Adult Rabbit with long ears

Some miscellaneous photos on Snowshoe Hares in Alaska. Photos are taken in early summer.

Juvenile Rabbit
Young Rabbit with short ears

Below: this juvenile Snowshoe Hare was drenched from a sudden rain event in the morning. Fortunately, the sun made appearance in the afternoon.

Wet Fur


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