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Polar Bear General Information

The Polar Bear, with its sheer size and white fur, is a majestic animal, even more so when you see one with your own eyes. Considered the largest land carnivore, it roams some of the most remote and inhospitable regions of the planet: the barren ice sheets of the Arctic.

Polar Bears become very active during the Spring when the extent of the sea ice is still large enough to create a vast hunting zone for the Polar Bear. During that time, Seals are the main source of food.

Polar Bear Snuggle, Kaktovik
Polar Bears Kaktovik

Polar Bear in the North

Polar Bear with Cub

  Common Name:
  Scientific Name:
  Polar Bear
  Ursus maritimus
  Arctic Region
  2.5 to 3 m (Adult Male)
  400 to 700 Kg (Adult Male)

Above: A Polar Bear and cub venture on the shores of the Beaufort Sea, on Barter Island.

Below: A large Polar Bear enjoys a sunny day in the Arctic.

Polar Bear on the Snow

Polar Bear and Cub

Polar Bear Cub

As the increasingly warmer days of the Summer catch on, the Arctic landscape undergoes a drastic transformation. Miles of sea ice begin to melt, giving way to miles of Ocean. Suddenly, feeding becomes more and more difficult for the Polar who relies on solid ground to hunt for his preys.

A shrinking ice shelf means trouble for the Polar Bear who may resort to fasting until the return of the colder months.

Polar Bears Sleeping

Polar Bears in Alaska, Barter Island

Unlike Brown Bears, Polar Bears don't usually hybernate during the winter months. However, pregnant Polar Bears will stay in dens during the winter birthing season, protected from inclement weather under several feet of snow. When denning, the Polar Bear stays mostly inactive, however, that is not considered a hybernation.

Polar Bears on Whale Bones
Polar Bear Portrait
Polar Bear and Cub

After giving birth, the female Polar Bear and her cubs emerge from their den in March or April and start to feed during the Spring and Summer months. New born cubs, which measure approximately 1 foot, are tiny in comparison to their mother.

It is not uncommon for a female Polar Bear to give birth to more than one cub.

Polar Bear and Cub

Three Bears

Polar Bear Huddle, Kaktovik

Polar Bear Cub

Photos of Polar Bears in Northern Alaska. All photos are taken in various locations along the Beaufort Sea, Kaktovik on Barter Island.

Sleeping Polar Bear

Polar Bear Close Up Pictures

Some close up photos of Polar Bears in the wild. Photos taken in Kaktovic, Alaska.

Alaska Polar Bear

Polar Bear Close-up

Polar Bears Snuggling

Polar Bears in Kaktovik, Alaska

Mother Polar Bear with Cub

The fur of a Polar Bear is extremely efficient in retaining heat. The fur is actually made of hollow hair strands with high insulating properties.

Sleeping Polar Bear Cub
Kaktovik Bears
Polar Bear

Majestic Polar Bear
Polar Bear Portrait

Depending on how the sunlight is reflected, the Polar Bear fur can appear to be white (photo at left), or of a light cream color (photo below).

Three Bears Playing

Polar Bears in the North

Polar Bear in the Wild

Polar Bear Claws

Polar Bear on a sunny day. In this close up picture, a Polar Bear relaxes his head above his huge claws.

A Mountain of Whale Bones
Bear Cub Looking Back
Adult Polar Bear

Two Polar Bears snuggling in the cold weather.


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