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Red Necked Grebe Migration

The Red Necked Grebe is a migritory bird.

In the Spring, they fly north to Alaska to their breeding grounds (shown in red on the migration map).

In late Summer or early Fall, they fly back south towards the coastal regions where they spend the Winter (blue).

Red Necked Grebes can often be spotted in the marshes of south central Alaska.

A Red Necked Grebe is seen feeding its chick with small insects and crustaceans (left).

Red Necked Grebes Nesting

Taking advantage of the warm weather, Grebes start making their nest during the month of May and promptly lay 3 to 4 eggs. After all, they only have a few months to raise their chicks before they have to leave their breeding grounds and migrate back south.

Nests are usually built on small islands of vegetation in the marshes, providing a dry home and some semblance of privacy for the chicks to grow during the next few weeks.

A Red Necked Grebe diligently attends to her eggs before sunset (below).

Stretching the Wings

When they don't feed or attend to their chicks, Grebes groom their feathers. Once in a while, they flap and stretch their wings.

Grebes During the Breeding Season

This particular species of Grebes is the Red Necked Grebe, with its distinctive red plumage visible during the breeding season. In the Winter time, their plumage becomes grey.

Grebe Chick Portraits

Close ups of cute Grebe chicks...

Grebe Chicks Feeding

We are lucky to have Grebes nest at the Marsh and raise their chicks during the brief Alaskan summer. Food is abundant and the Marsh provides a relatively safe setting for a happy family.

Fighting in the Marsh

With so many different species of birds at the Marsh, altercations are inevitable. Grebes and Ducks are caught in a showdown... The Duck was quite brave, but was no match to the fierce Grebes.

Grebe Close Ups

This year it was easier to approach Grebes and take pictures. In prior years, they used to remain in the back of the Marsh, far from disturbances.


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